4 Simple Steps to Attract Ready-to-Buy Warm Prospects from Referrals All the Time

Have you ever received a call from a prospect, already warm, ready to buy your services?

Doesn’t it feel great when you get a referral like that? Do you remember what you did to get that referral?

Someone in your network might have recommended you. And your warm prospect probably has a high regard for your network friend’s opinion.

Now wouldn’t you like to get more referrals like that in your sales funnel?

I know I do, and that why I never have to cold call or chase prospects.

Cold calling can be effective. But it is outdated, frustrating and you have to be able to handle a lot of rejection.

For most small business owners, cold calling is just too much work and not recommended!

Referrals, on the other hand, are the easiest prospects to sell to. And they’re the most cost effective.

That’s because a referred prospect will usually pay your price without much negotiation.

So what do you do to get referrals now?

Most business owners are too shy to ask for referrals. We’re afraid of being pests.

Some folks  have even used up the goodwill of our network by asking for referrals too often and in the wrong way.

Or they try the passive approach by giving a network contact our business card, hoping they’ll pass it on.

The Do Business Smarter way is to be proactive with all aspects of your marketing plan by systemizing everything.

So we at Do Business Smarter help clients create a proactive referral system that works for you all the time without you having to think about it.

A referral system is really quite easy to set up. It has four simple steps:

  1. Ask for the referral.
  2. Make it easy for your clients to refer you (- this is the hard part and most people do it wrong)
  3. Offer a reward to your clients/alliances for the referral.
  4. Personally call and thank your clients for the referral.

It’s that easy… but the results are in the details!

Want to learn more about how to develop a referral system that works for you all the time without you having to think about it—one that’s tailored just for your small business?

Join us at the Do Business Smarter Business Owner Training Forum on Tuesday July 1st  to learn how. Then watch your ready-to-buy prospects come in by the droves.



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