Attract More and Better Business by Blogging Your Way to Success

Content Marketing is King…

You’ve heard me say it often enough, “You’ve got to blog. Now get going.”

Then you shrug your shoulders and say, “I don’t have time.”

“You have time if you’re following your time map,” I respond.

Then in desperation, you think, “Why bother? Isn’t it just busy work?”

Why Blog

I can assure you that blogging is not busy work when you make it an integral part of your Marketing plan.

Combined with your social media campaign, blogging is also the most economical way to promote your business.

Here’s How Blogging Works

You post a blog to your website. Someone tells a friend about your blog post through social media. Their friend reads the blog on your website. Then the friend gets curious and looks at the rest of your website. The friend decides to contact you for more information because a friend through social media referred you.

You now have a new prospect.

How much did it cost you to get that prospect?

That one prospect cost you your monthly hosting fee, the time it took to write and post the blog article, and the time it took to promote the blog article on social media.

All the other services are free.

Now figure out how much it would cost you to get that prospect with paid media.

Don’t Make Blogging Harder Than It Is

You are an expert in what you do. You know a lot. Therefore, you can easily write a 250-word article at least once a month.

That’s it—250 words about stuff you already know about for a bunch of people you care about because you want their lives to be better.

Remember: It’s Not About You

You’re not in business for you. You’re in business for your customers.

So what problems are they facing that you can solve in your blog?

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