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There’s 100 days left – What’s Your Year End Plan?

For many today will come and go, but for those of us paying attention, there are 100 days left in 2014. So my question for you is, what is your year end marketing plan? Do you have one? Or are you going to let it slip by and wish you had planned some holiday specials?…

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Why your business isn’t scaleable, and what to do about it.

Could you handle 30 or 300 new clients tomorrow? Sure, if you are in the restaurant business or retail, that wouldn’t be a problem. But for most small business owners,  to take on 30 or 300 new clients in one day would be next to impossible.  The reason … you don’t have  good systems in…

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Attract More and Better Business by Blogging Your Way to Success

Content Marketing is King… You’ve heard me say it often enough, “You’ve got to blog. Now get going.” Then you shrug your shoulders and say, “I don’t have time.” “You have time if you’re following your time map,” I respond. Then in desperation, you think, “Why bother? Isn’t it just busy work?” Why Blog I…

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Raise The Bar: Less Talk – More Action!

Growing a small business is tough! Do you agree? If you’ve been in business for any length of time, you know it takes a tremendous effort to make it work and  keep everything going. You have to wear a million different hats, you work  jillions of hours every week and, for many, you are still not getting…

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4 Simple Steps to Attract Ready-to-Buy Warm Prospects from Referrals All the Time

Have you ever received a call from a prospect, already warm, ready to buy your services? Doesn’t it feel great when you get a referral like that? Do you remember what you did to get that referral? Someone in your network might have recommended you. And your warm prospect probably has a high regard for…

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Get Paid Full Price Every Time By Building Real Value into Your Presentations

This 7 minute video explains exactly how to build value into your sales presentations so customer don’t haggle with you over price, they appreciate what you do and understand the huge value you are giving them … every time! Enjoy & leave us a comment below! 

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From Self-Employed to Business Owner

Do you ever wonder how some people in your industry seem to have figured out how to make their business work for them-  instead of them working for the business all the time? There is no doubt that self employed people who are smart about how they run their business can make great wages for…

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Three “Must Have” Marketing Strategies for Every Small Business

As small business owners, we all know; there is too much to do – right? We have to find prospects, service clients, manage employees; do the billing and a million other daily tasks. All too often those tasks take over our entire week and things start to fall through the cracks. We get busy and…

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Ready to Do Business Smarter?

These articles, videos and posts will show you how to market, grow  and sustain a successful, profitable small business.

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Why did we move our site?

Unfortunatly our database got corrupted on our old hosting account, not an attack, just corrupted! So we decided to move to Hostgator for our hosting and so far so good. We are in the process of moving the 127 pages to this new site so thank you for your patience while we transition.

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