How to Avoid “Great Appointments” … & Close More Sales

One salesperson asked another salesperson, “How did your week go?” The second salesperson said, “Fantastic! I had some great appointments this week.” The first salesperson responded, “Yea …I didn’t close anything either.”

There’s a huge difference in a “Great Appointment” and a “Closed Sale”!

Why do most sales people have more “great appointments” than closed sales? They jump to the appointment because a suspect said they would be willing to meet with them and they thought they could slam dunk the sale!  They have no selling system—no way of qualifying their leads before going to an appointment.

A selling system is the process you follow to build the relationship, qualify the prospect and close the sale. A typical (weak) selling system follows two basic steps:

  1. Your marketing generates a prospect.
  2. You return the call to ask them for something, for example, an appointment or a sale.

Some of your prospects will give you what you want. Most of them, however, won’t.

Do you know why? People in general have two limited resources: time and money.

So when you ask someone to give you their time and money right after initiating contact, you haven’t done anything to gain their trust.

Instead of cramming your whole selling process into two really big steps, do yourself and your prospects a favor. Break your steps down into smaller, manageable steps that build the relationship, educate the prospect and turn them into another happy customer.


  • Step 1: Initial Call
  • Step 2: Send Information
  • Step 3: Follow up call to ask for appointment
  • Step 4: The Conversion Appointment (13 steps in every good sales appointment)
  • Step 5: Proposal
  • Step 6: Call for decision
  • Step 7: Paperwork & Payment

And once you develop each step in your selling system, write them down so you and your team can follow the same steps and build consistency into your sales process.

Yes, this will lengthen your sales cycle, but you will have better appointments, more qualified prospects, close more sales and not waste your time with disappointing “Great Appointments”!

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What would having a selling system like this do for your business?

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