How to Develop Strategic Alliance Relationships for Automatic, Ongoing Referrals!

Finding new customers is tough, you spend so many hours networking to get a few new clients now and again, you spend hundreds, sometimes thousands of dollars on online marketing or other advertising only to be frustrated with the results, and sometimes it all makes you wonder why you ever started your business, or at least wonder…

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Nobody buying your stuff? Here’s why…

 Nobody woke up this morning and said: “I think I will browse the internet for something to buy!” OR “I think I’ll buy something at my networking group this morning from whoever has the best pitch” Nobody is buying your products or services because no one wants your stuff! Please, don’t be offended, I’m not trying…

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Smart Business Owners don't need a coach

Smart Business Owners Don’t Need a Coach … and Why Others Won’t Hire One!

Having been coaching small business owners since 1997 I’ve had the pleasure (and pain) of working with over 2200 business owners helping them to grow, build, fix or improve their businesses. Looking back on those 19 years, I’ve seen a consistent pattern: Smart Business Owners always hire Advisors or Coaches and achieve success while Others… don’t…

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Learn To Love Selling – Three Phases of Every Great Sales Presentation

Hate Selling? This short video will change your attitude and leave you loving sales once you understand the three phases in every great sales presentation. What’s your greatest sales challenge? Let’s keep the conversation going below…

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How to Avoid “Great Appointments” … & Close More Sales

One salesperson asked another salesperson, “How did your week go?” The second salesperson said, “Fantastic! I had some great appointments this week.” The first salesperson responded, “Yea …I didn’t close anything either.” There’s a huge difference in a “Great Appointment” and a “Closed Sale”! Why do most sales people have more “great appointments” than closed sales?…

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Excuse me … but I think your website is inside out!

It’s  awkward when you have to tell someone their sweater is on inside out right? In that same way it’s kinda awkward to let people know their websites are inside out! Yes you read that right … a lot of people’s websites are inside out these days. You see for most folks, when they updated their…

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Three things you need to change this year to thrive in your small business…

Whether you’ve been in business a year or twenty years one thing is for sure: If you don’t evolve with the times you will go out of business! Three things you need to change this year to thrive in your small business… Your Website Your Online Marketing Your Focus Your Website: When is the last time…

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Systems to automate your business so you can have a life!

You are working hard, too hard for the results you are getting and the only solution you can see is to sell more and work more hours. I see it all the time and while it seems logical, the only problem with that plan is  that it is the sure path to burn out! Let’s…

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How to attend The One Day Business Blast For Free – Fun Contest! (Plus one winner gets $2,400 Selling System)

We’re doing this fun contest again for the October  Biz Blast… Thursday October 29th. Hi there,  — hope you’re having a brilliant week! So… as you probably know, registration for the upcoming One Day Business Blast is open! It’s a one day Business Growth Brainstorm & Marketing Workshop! Only 20 Business Owners allowed so I can help each attendees with their business…

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Sustainability: Build Your Signature Business Model First – Then Automate Everything!

“I need to grow my business quickly” … “I have to get new clients right now” … “I know this other stuff is important but I needs leads today”! Trust me I understand! We all want instant gratification and I hear comments like that all the time, but here’s the reality: that mentality is exactly what’s preventing…

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