Excuse me … but I think your website is inside out!

It’s  awkward when you have to tell someone their sweater is on inside out right?

In that same way it’s kinda awkward to let people know their websites are inside out! Yes you read that right … a lot of people’s websites are inside out these days.

You see for most folks, when they updated their website last time, their web person said at a minimum you need:

  • Home Page
  • About Us
  • Our Services
  • Meet the team
  • My Blog
  • Contact us

Does that sound familiar? So for most that is what is on their website now. But it’s wrong! It’s inside out! 

Don’t get me wrong, your web developer didn’t give you bad information, it was perfect advise for websites at the time … but times have changed! So has how people are looking for products or services online and how they are using the web. People used to search for products or services or businesses … but now they search for solutions.

Think about the last thing you searched for online. Let’s say you were searching for information about weather conditions in San Diego. Imagine if you came to a website that told you all about the weatherman or woman, pictures of the team of people that help gather the information, pages about how they get the weather information and a contact us page … everything except the actual weather!

Click – Next! Right?

That is what I mean by most websites today are inside out … the spotlight is on the wrong person. The spotlight is on you not the customer.

Think through what is the biggest, most common problem that you solve for your customers and make that solution be the focus of your website. Give them resources to solve the problem, establish yourself as the expert on that solution and share your “secret sauce” … because if you don’t, your competition will and they will get the business.

Once they are engaged with your website and they know that you can hep them, invite them to get even more information or more solutions or resources by simply giving you their email address … then keep them engaged with powerful blog content, email responders (valuable content – not spam!) Then when they are ready to buy, who do you think they will tun to? Yes you … your online marketing system has warmed them up for you and built the relationship so they trust you and they are wiling to do business with you.

This is just a few of the steps included in my Microwave Marketing strategy – if you do nothing else but turn your website around so it is no longer inside out, you will start to see more results quickly.

In our One Day Business Blast events, we discuss this strategy in much more detail along with several others. Check out our upcoming dates and locations for the Biz Blast event here.

Leave a comment below and tell me if you still have an “About Us” page on your website.


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