From Self-Employed to Business Owner

Do you ever wonder how some people in your industry seem to have figured out how to make their business work for them-  instead of them working for the business all the time?

There is no doubt that self employed people who are smart about how they run their business can make great wages for their work. But smart business owners, don’t make wages, they make great profits!  They make profits, not from their time doing the “job” but  from their business model, their ideas, their people, their systems.

The great news is everyone has the opportunity to have the same success, if they are willing to change how they operate their business.

Most self-employed people spend 40 to 50 to 60 plus hours in their business every week dealing with the daily chores in the same way as they always have done it for 10,20, 30 plus year.

But what if…

What if you changed what you were doing? What if you simply decided “that’s enough, I’m not doing it this way any more”. What could you change? Self Employed to Business Owner

Here’s the top 12 things successful business owners changed in how they approach their business- AKA: the 12 strategies that you should work on improving to move from self-employed to business owner:

  1. Get crystal clear on your vision for your company both for the long term and short term – and commit to it
  2. Stop doing marketing by trial and error and invest time into figuring our exactly who is your niche, what their motivators are, what to say to them and and where to reach them best with your marketing.
  3. Take control of your time with  a “Time Map” for your week – with time blocked out to work ON your business and be the business owner not the widget maker
  4. Know your numbers –  learn how to read your Profit & Loss statement so you know exactly what your break-even point is and what your gross profit margins are and what your revenues need to be at to reach your goals.
  5. Develop your signature selling system so you don’t re-invent the wheel every time you get a new prospect – track your results consistently with a good CRM (Customer Relationship Manager) program.
  6. Commit to ongoing, consistent marketing campaigns focused on your one target market both online and offline
  7. Develop a proactive referral system to get more referrals from your existing customers
  8. Use that same referral system to develop powerful strategic alliance relationships with companies who can refer business to you on an ongoing basis
  9. Develop soft but consistent marketing campaigns to keep your customers in love with you … for life!
  10. Create an experience for every client that gets them to boast about you to everyone – WOW them with your customer service.
  11. Build your team of people dedicated and committed to your vision; employees, contractors, assistants (admin and virtual) vendors, CPA’s, Attorneys, … your team!
  12. Develop systems for every single task in your business so the value is in your business model – not your head.

Those 12 strategies when implements properly will take every business from struggling to success – from mediocre to awesome – from self-employed and anxious to profitable, relaxed business ownership.

Which one are you going to start with?


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