Raise The Bar: Less Talk – More Action!

Growing a small business is tough! Do you agree?

If you’ve been in business for any length of time, you know it takes a tremendous effort to make it work and  keep everything going. You have to wear a million different hats, you work  jillions of hours every week and, for many, you are still not getting to financial results that you hoped for.

How come some business owners seem to be able to make it happen without much stress while others continue to struggle? One of the differences that I’ve seen is that some folks like to talk about things they are going to do while others just get up and do it!

It reminds me of something my Mom, whom I loved dearly and owe so much to, said when I was dating Brena (my wife now of 25 years!).maxwell hse

My Mom’s typical Saturday morning looked like this: she would wake up,  put on her dressing gown, stroll up to the kitchen and make herself a cup of Maxwell House instant coffee, sit at the kitchen table (if she didn’t go back to bed for her first cuppa!), light up her cigarette (“Carrols Number 1”  – top selling brand in Ireland at the time, we’re talking 1980’s!) and ponder all the things she had to do as she took her first puff of the day. On many occasions she would have a second or even third cuppa and we would sit around for an hour, sometimes three, chatting, laughing, planning our day while we had breakfast.  Often we wouldn’t move from the table until 10 or 11 before we would get started on our chores.

One weekend Brena was visiting and she, obviously trying to impress her future Mother in Law, she brought Mom her coffee in bed. By the time we all got up, Brena had the kitchen cleaned,  the floors vacuumed, several other chores done and breakfast was on the table .. and it wasn’t even 9:00AM yet … unheard of!  While we sat around after breakfast, planning the rest of our day, Brena had the breakfast dishes cleared and washed and put away and delivered yet another cup of  Maxwell House, my  Mom smiled and said “It’s no wonder you get so much done Brena, you don’t sit around and talk about it, you just do it!” … so true!

Sorry for the personal anecdote, but it is the same for so many business owners, they spend so much time talking about how little time they have! They will happily spend an hour explaining to me why they don’t have time to write a blog or to work on a script … when they could have used that same hour to actually do it!

I was encouraging a client recently to start writing 300-400 word blog articles for their website, a few days later I got a brilliantly written, 573 word email (yea I counted!) explaining how they are not writers and they are stuck!!! Hilarious right? When I pointed out the stupidity of the situation, they posted three blogs that week! I got their permission to use their email as an example, I’ll post it in my next blog.

Folks … if you are serious about achieving success, it’s time for less talk more walk, AKA … Less Crap, More Commitment.  As many of you may already know,  I am taking my own medicine here – we are launching an entire new coaching program this month that will eliminate this issue for our clients once and for all – very excited about it, stay tuned! If you want a sneak peak – join us in one of our upcoming Business Blast Events.

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  • April

    Reply Reply June 13, 2014

    Thanks for the nice call to action. Can’t wait for Tuesday.

    • Colm

      Reply Reply June 16, 2014

      You are welcome April, we all need a push forward now and then! Looking forward to sharing all our new info tomorrow.

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