Sustainability: Build Your Signature Business Model First – Then Automate Everything!

“I need to grow my business quickly” … “I have to get new clients right now” … “I know this other stuff is important but I needs leads today”!

Trust me I understand! We all want instant gratification and I hear comments like that all the time, but here’s the reality: that mentality is exactly what’s preventing you from being more successful in your business.

When people are in desperate need for quick results, there are certainly marketing and sales techniques that can and will deliver those instant results, but they don’t build a sustainable business. All it does is pays the bills for this month and guess what? Next month will be the same because nothing has changed!

Folks who stay in that mindset are constantly in panic mode, they repeat the same mistakes every month, never grow their business to the point where they can have a life and unfortunately, eventually they burn out and have to quit their business and go back to getting a “JOB”!

But people who take their time to build the foundation first, then focus on growth, they achieve a sustainable profitable company that provides a lifestyle for them and their family without them having to work all the time.

Build your signature model first, then automate the processes.

I was chatting to a new member of our Achievers Club recently, we had just finished up a two day Implementation Intensive workshop the previous week and she said it best:

“Colm, I was getting worried that we didn’t start working on sales and marketing immediately when I started working with you, but after the two day intensive I realize you are helping me build a sustainable business, not just make sales… I love that, it makes so much sense!”

Folks, it’s not about making sales, it’s about developing a business that gives you (and your employees)  the lifestyle you want while delivering huge value to your clients.

5 keys to building your signature business model : 

  1. I hate to say it because it sounds so cliche … but yep the first step is Planning! Not a formal “pretty plan”, an action plan as to what you want to achieve and what steps you are going to take to get there. When it’s done it should be a simple to-do list focused on your vision for your future.
  2. Learning: Decide what you need to learn so you can become the best business owner you can be, not just industry knowledge … learn business ownership skills.
  3. Training: Train your people, Employees, Independent Contractors (be careful, IC’s have to pay you for training), vendors, partners, customers all need to be trained on how to get the most out of your relationship, that’s your responsibility. The more time and effort you put into training, the more you can delegate later!
  4.   Automating & Systematizing Everything … Embrace technology or get to know someone who does! In today’s world it shocks me every day how many business owners, don’t know how to use some basic functions on a computer or on the web (or on their phones) … folks today’s generation of customers live and shop online and on their phones, if you are not there, you are giving all that business to your competitors. There’s no nice way to say this, but get over your fear of technology or your lack of interest and start marketing and running your business online. 60-70% of your business tasks can be automated with technology, embrace it and make it happen!
  5. Big Picture Marketing – Decide right now never to “try” a marketing campaign again. Instead, step back and figure out your Five 1’s: Who is you ideal customer, what is their biggest problem that you solve, what is your solution to that problem and develop an irresistible offer that gets them started with you. Then commit to marketing that message to that market for one year … it’s not easy, but you will thank me later!

If you want to have a successful, profitable, sustainable business that provides freedom and wealth for you and your family … Build Your Signature Business Model First – Then automate your marketing & everything else!

If you are serious about making this happen for your business, I’m getting together with about 20 business owners next month in Carlsbad, CA to spend the day discussing and implementing the twelve core strategies to build a signature business model and automate your marketing and other processes.

If you’d like to join us at our one day Business Blast, there may still be a few spots open, check it out here.

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