Three “Must Have” Marketing Strategies for Every Small Business

As small business owners, we all know; there is too much to do – right? We have to find prospects, service clients, manage employees; do the billing and a million other daily tasks.

All too often those tasks take over our entire week and things start to fall through the cracks. We get busy and we start to forget to do some of the important marketing campaigns that we need to stay busy.

Then we service the clients we have and realize our pipeline is drying up so we start marketing again. This is precisely what causes those highs and lows in the business that drives us nuts and puts us firmly into cash flow hell!

While there are hundreds of ways you can market your business, thousands of different campaigns you could do and a million different ways to do them – smart business owners avoid those highs and lows by making sure they are active and moving forward with three different marketing campaigns every month.

Every business owner should be active on these three campaigns:3-must-have-strategies

  1. New Prospect Marketing:
    They implement at least one marketing strategy that will deliver new prospects into their funnel for them to work and turn into new clients in the future
  2. Customer Based marketing: 
    They send, call, meet with existing customers to make sure they on as happy customers, they offer additional products or services through cross selling,     and/or they up sell their clients into bigger products or service packages.
  3. Strategic Alliance Marketing: 
    They meet with and develop a relationship with at least one new potential strategic alliance who might refer their clients to them on an ongoing basis

This way every month, regardless how busy they are with “IN”  the business daily tasks they are constantly marketing their business to their three key targets.  So how do they find the time to do this every month? They don’t they make the time, they block out the time because they know if they don’t they will not build a profitable sustainable business.

Let’s say you are a Bookkeeping Service or  a CPA/Tax professional (but remember this applies to every business type), you could block out two hours a week   for marketing as follows:

Week 1: Planning Your Month: Decide what you are going to do to meet new prospects this month. It could be a networking event, it could be an email campaign, it could be a webinar, a seminar – something where you will meet prospects that you have not met before. Decide what you are going to offer your existing clients this month – and decide who you might invite to meet with that could be  a strategic alliance or Joint Venture partner who works with your target market but is not in competition with you.

Week 2: New Prospect Marketing:  Execute the strategy you planned on doing to meet new prospects

Week 3: Customer Based Marketing: Execute the strategy or offer you decided on to market your existing clients to make sure they keep coming back for more

Week 4: Strategic Alliance Marketing: Meet with whomever you decided could be a good strategic alliance partner and start building that relationship to get referrals from them and plan a joint venture campaign.

If you did those four things every month would your business look different? Would your months be smoother? Would you have a more consistent flow of leads for your business? Of course you would and you would be miles ahead of your competition who is, for the most part, still scrambling to keep up with the highs and lows and they don’t know what to do about it.

I challenge you to start this simple strategy right now! Grab your calendar and block out two hours per week to implement these three marketing strategies every month. Let me know how it goes!

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