Three things you need to change this year to thrive in your small business…

Whether you’ve been in business a year or twenty years one thing is for sure: If you don’t evolve with the times you will go out of business!

Three things you need to change this year to thrive in your small business…

  1. Your Website
  2. Your Online Marketing
  3. Your Focus

Your Website:

When is the last time you have a website makeover? If it’s been more than two years, a lot has changed and you are probably missing out on leads because your site is dated. If your website still has: About Us,  Our Services, Our Team, etc … you are still using old web techniques from 2005! You have what I call an “AllAboutMe.com” website!  I’m sorry to be the bearer of bad news but; people didn’t search Google to find out about you!

They searched for a solution to a problem they are having and if they don’t find it on your home page or landing page in 3 seconds, they are gone!

Redesign your home page or build landing pages that provide people answers to their questions and establish yourself as an expert through your videos, your blogs and your web content.

Your Online Marketing:

Other than your website and a few Facebook postings what are you doing online? When people do come to your website, do you have a high reward, low risk offer for them that would entice them to give you their email address in return for some great information? Once they do give you their email address, do you have an automated email campaign that sends them valuable tips, ideas and information to keep them engaged? Are you tracking who is opening those emails and what they are clicking on? Are you adding new Blog content every week to keep your site current and easy to find on Google?

If you are not at least doing those few things, you are being left behind, because that’s what young, smart entrepreneurs are doing and they are capturing most of the online business that you are not getting! Your new competitors are winning the race … but you can catch up and outsmart them with your experience and your service.

Your Focus:

Most business owners do everything in their power to reach as many people as they can with their marketing … and that in of itself is why it doesn’t work! Focus your efforts for this year on the five ones of marketing:

  • One Target (Niche)
  • One Problem (Your Target Markets biggest problem that you help with)
  • One Solution (Describe your first/best solution to that one problem)
  • One Offer (Develop an irresistible offer to get them engaged with your product or service)
  • One Year (Commit to that campaign for one year)

Imagine what it would do for your business and your sanity, if everything you did this year for marketing was that laser focused … what would that do for you and your bottom line? I know from experience, it would change your world, your peace of mind, your financial situation, your lifestyle, your life!

My Challenge for you: Embrace change, commit to making the changes you need to succeed this year and make it happen! No Excuses, be honest with yourself and do the work you know you need to do.

You will love the results!



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