Why your business isn’t scaleable, and what to do about it.

Could you handle 30 or 300 new clients tomorrow? Sure, if you are in the restaurant business or retail, that wouldn’t be a problem. But for most small business owners,  to take on 30 or 300 new clients in one day would be next to impossible.  The reason … you don’t have  good systems in place, and you are probably still doing things the old way; going to networking events, having endless one on one meetings. Providing your services one on one and not taking advantage of all the tasks that technology, or other people could be doing for you.

Without a system you  are probably working crazy hours already, you feel overwhelmed by all that you need to do, and chances are you can’t figure out how to get ahead of the never ending struggle to make the money you want and have the lifestyle you and your family deserve.

But with the right business model and the right systems, you could be doing three times the amount of business that you have now, you could handle that growth and more in half the time that you work now, you could be making way more profit from your business and finally enjoy a vacation with your family!

One CPA client I worked with recently was spending about 20 hours a month networking, prospecting, doing one on one meetings and the rest of his 60+ hours a week providing their services on a one on one basis. We helped him do some online marketing that, once set up, runs 24/7, we eliminated his time consuming networking, turned his intake meetings into group events, expanded his reach from local to national using webinars and changed his service delivery method into an online platform where the client does 80% of the work on his website, and he and his team does the rest one on one.  He is working literally half the amount of hours, 30 hours per week, not the 60 plus that he was working, and is making way more money than before.

Here’s the three major steps to take to transition from the old business style of doing everything one on one to the new leveraged business model.

  1. Analyze every step in your business today, from lead generation, sales process, product or service delivery, financial, HR, etc.
  2. Ask yourself this question: How could I do this online or in a group? – No seriously, think about it … could all or some of that initial meeting that takes two hours, be a form they fill out on your website? Could some of what you need to communicate be delivered via video? Could some or all of your client communications be delivered via webinar? Could you develop templates in your CRM program to automatically send follow up emails? Could you have a way to capture leads online and automate the follow up with what I call Microwave Marketing?
  3. Develop a simple list of all the items that could be automated and set up a schedule of which ones to implement first, second third etc.

If you do this consistently and gradually transition from a one on one manual system, to leveraged automated systems, you will see that your business can grow without much additional effort and before long, you will increase your income, work less and have a life again! Make the change.

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Let’s make great things happen!

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